Monday, 9 June 2014

A New Start

Hi!  Welcome to my new knitting blog!  I used to blog over at, but had kind of blog-faded for a while there...  I've still been knitting - perhaps not as much as I had been, but there has still been yarn-crafting going on.  I've just been really bad at documenting it all.

The old blog kind of ended up feeling like a weight as well - with such a huge gap between posts and all those really old projects - I guess I feel like I'm in a different place right now.  I want better organisation in my online life, and this blog will be only knitting, crochet and spinning - only yarny goodness!  I may start other blogs for other areas of my life, but this will be my knitting space :)

For those who didn't come from the old blog - my name is Amanda, I live in rural Scotland, and I knit, crochet and spin yarn.  I have about a bazillion other hobbies too - I bellydance, art journal, play video games and lots of other things that I probably won't talk too much about here.  Knitting space after all!! :)  I'm yarndancer over on - my ravelry page is here:  Friend me!!

So thank you for joining me here.  Please update your bookmarks and I hope to have lots of yarny content for you all soon!

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