Wednesday, 20 August 2014

WIPpin' Along - Slow and Steady

I feel like there's not been much progress in my knitting recently.   Mostly because I've been having trouble actually finishing things I think.  I have two or three sweaters and other things that need only a little work to finish, but I can't bring myself to actually do that little work.  So I cast on new things :)

This is the WIP I'm most excited about at the moment:

Pattern: Space Girl by Heidi Kirrmaier (ravelry pattern page:
My ravelry project page:
Yarn: Stylecraft Special Aran with Wool - colourway Loganberry

I was very kindly gifted the Space Girl pattern in a random drawing on a chat thread on Ravelry at the beginning of this month, and I'm super happy and excited about it!  It's been in my queue for ages, and I actually had yarn in my stash that works perfectly with it, so it's great to get started on it.  I'm at the stage where it's just knitting around and around, but that's fun :)

I had to cast on a pair of Little White Socks, because I've been rewatching 'Allo 'Allo, and all those resistance girls inspired me lol

Pattern: Purl Lace Socks by Sheri Franz (ravelry pattern page:
My ravelry project page:
Yarn: Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 3ply

 As you can see, I've finished the first sock - I'd better get the 2nd one started before I run out of motivation!

I have a crocheted toy giraffe on the go as well - all the bits are done and stuffed, in a bag ready to be sewn together.  Again, need to gather the motivation to do this!

Pattern: Ellie the Giraffe by Gina Renee' Padilla (ravelry pattern page:
My ravelry project page:
Yarn:  acrylic DK/light worsted scraps

And there's another large-ish project on the go, but it's so large and grandiose that it needs a whole other blog post to describe the sheer awesomeness lol.  So I'll leave this post at this - a listing of all the stuff I'm working on at the moment.  Maybe writing all this will motivate me to actually get stuff finished!  I do feel somewhat compelled to sew up that giraffe now - he looks all sad and somewhat disturbing in his plastic bag there!

ETA - ooh, a quick edit just to say I realised it's Wednesday today so I totally made a WIP Wednesday post without meaning to!  Bonus points to me!!

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